Talking to the animals


Recently I paid a visit to The Granary in South Sligo. The Granary is gorgeous self-catering accommodation based on a working farm.  It’s the perfect place to get away from it all and have a digital detox.


It has three bedrooms and the biggest shower I’ve ever seen! I also love the milk churn sink – such a quirky idea. It’s so quiet and peaceful there and has stunning views of the fields and Knocknashee – the hill of the fairies. It’s located in Bunninaden in the heart of South Sligo, perfect for exploring Ballymote, Tubbercurry and Sligo town.

Now for the best bit – for me anyway – the animals. I’m such an animal fan and I had the best time walking around the farm with Kelly and being introduced to Bob and Marley (the dogs), Bernie and George (the pigs), Alamba and the other sheep, not to mention the beautiful new born lambs!

It’s fantastic because the pigs have free run of the farm and when Kelly goes to call them they come running over – well Bernie did anyway I only saw George just before I left. I had great fun feeding Bernie, she actually sits to get her food! I’m sure she thinks she’s a dog. She also looks quite a lot like our dog Puggly. I didn’t manage to get a decent photo of her though because she moves fast!

As I was talking to the lambs I was crouching down to take photos and Bernie decided to bite my bum! It was hilarious! She thought I had more food for her. Kelly was telling me about the time they couldn’t find the pigs and then they saw food bags moving seemingly by themselves – it was Bernie and George – they’d got at the food and almost finished the lot.

After feeding Alamba who was a pet lamb but is now a fully grown sheep,and still well tamed, I said goodbye to The Granary but I do hope I get to go back again soon, it’s a fantastic place. If you want to check them out you can do so here.

This isn’t a paid for or sponsored post in case people are wondering, I’m always happy to tell people about places of interest and this is one of them. 




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