Ripples and waves

I was thinking over the last few months firstly about how much I am drawn to water. I love the energy of it and the wonder at what lies beneath the surface. I love the reflections, the movement and the stillness of it. The ebb and the flow of waves, rhythmic,  like a heartbeat.

People are like water. Some are calm and still, some aggressive and frenzied, some make you feel at peace, with others you feel like you are drowning. Their actions and words are like pebbles being thrown into a lake. Some make no difference at all, others cause huge ripples that have an impact on a wide area. Some of those ripples are good, others aren’t.  Some people have the energy of powerful, tidal waves which roar into your life and you think they will have an impact, only to watch them disappear as quickly as they arrived.

I’m going to try to be mindful of the ripples and waves that I create. I hope I’ve mostly been a calm water and that the energy I give out is positive. It’s strange because as I write this several people come to mind. One in particular who I thought was very calm and had their life in order only to find when I delved deeper it was in utter turmoil. Another is someone who I have never seen flustered, someone I really look up to, a person who nurtures others, selfless and caring – I’d like to be more like this person. Until then I will continue to explore water, sometimes dipping my toe in, sometimes diving right in but always trying to keep my head above it.

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  1. Beautiful blog, I agree with you 100 %. I love grabbing a coffee and going down to the water and just be in its presence, no matter what time of year, and last summer I started my “interpretive floating” down in the nearby ocean. It was bliss-once I got over all the trigger issues- but the water…can always teach us….like life, if we notice ❤

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