I went for my first tap dancing lesson today, it was so exciting! Well it was exciting when people arrived and I stopped hovering in the corridor like a spare part. Anxiety how are ya!?

I was a bit giddy before we started. The opening from Fame popped into my head, you know – “Right here is where you start paying etc”.  All I was missing was the legwarmers and the ability to throw my leg over the barre! So this got me giggling – I must have looked like such an eejit. Then I had the idea of a flash mob tapping our way down O’Connell Street and jumping onto car bonnets. Fun for us, not for the poor unsuspecting drivers.

All of this was before we even started dancing! Anyway I absolutely loved the class! I don’t think I’ve ever had a workout like it! Steffen the teacher is a real character and he was brilliant at teaching, the hour just flew. I can’t wait to go back again next week – minus my sketchers – note to self don’t wear trainers to a tap class they stick to the floor and you’ll go flying.


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