Welcome Sligo Hub


Thank you all so much for the feedback on the direction the blog should take.

It’s mostly going to stay the same however I do feel there is a need for a dedicated Sligo website. So Sligo Hub has been born. It’s just on Facebook at the moment but who knows there may be a website in the future.

I’ve started Sligo Hub because I’m so frustrated at the lack of promotion Sligo seems to get. I have looked at an official site which has posted the same thing three times in a row. If tourists looked at that site they’d think there was nothing on in Sligo.

I also feel that it’s not good enough that the Sligo Tourist office are now no longer allowed to post on Social Media as this has been handed over to the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’. In fact if you want to know what’s on in Sligo and you make a phone call you’ll probably end up speaking to someone in Cork!

I’m passionate about promoting Sligo and all it has to offer. I’ve approached various Sligo agencies to see if there was any way I could be involved and have got nowhere – but this isn’t about me, it’s about Sligo.

I’m determined to put our beautiful county on the map. I know we have the best of everything so it’s time to start telling the world about our hidden gem.


6 thoughts on “Welcome Sligo Hub

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  1. I love the picture at the top! Would you please tell us about it? Sligo is an area I plan on spending more time in on my next trip to Ireland so your blog is greatly appreciated!
    Beth Jackson, who grew up in “The Irish Hills” area of Michigan

  2. Add a link to the Facebook Sligo page on the blog. Interesting that my spell check is telling me that I have spelled Sligo wrong! Guess spell check has not seen the name often enough.

  3. County Sligo is long overdue for a dedicated site that lists up to date activities that are going on in this beautiful county. Thanks Val for picking up the baton and putting County Sligo events, historical sites, best places to eat and shop on the map.

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