Falling for the Ladies Brae

Yesterday was one of the best days. You know the kind where you have nothing planned but on the spur of the moment decide to go somewhere? Well meself and himself hopped in the car and headed to the Ladies Brae.

The Ladies Brae is around a ten minute drive from Coolaney, it’s a gorgeous scenic drive in the heart of the Ox Mountains. There is a picnic area just beside the Owenboy River so we parked there are went for a walk.

It’s not a proper walkway by the river so do be careful if you are walking along there. It’s fairly boggy so your feet will get wet and there are a few holes dotted around. For me it adds to the fun.

We were sitting on a giant rock overlooking the river and I spotted two trees that looked like they have morphed together. I wanted to try to get over to them to take a photo but to do so involved crossing the river and the only way across was to jump from rock to rock.

All was going swimmingly until I spotted a bit of wood that I really liked the look of. I bent down to try to grab it but it was wedged in between two rocks. So in my wisdom I decided to stand on it! My weight quickly dislodged it and splash there I was in the river! Only up to my knees so it was grand.

Could I leave it at that? No of course I couldn’t! I was still after the bit of wood which was now under the water so I decided to step off the rock to try to find it – but there was nothing underneath me! So I got a complete and utter drenching! I’m very glad I left my phone on the rock or I’d have drowned it.

I managed to clamber up a rock minus the wood and my dignity. Himself was off exploring so he had no clue I’d fallen in. I caught up with him and nabbed his jumper so I could take my wet trousers off.

Thankfully the place was fairly quiet – Sligo isn’t ready to see my backside just yet. I ended up wearing my T shirt as a skirt and Andy’s jumper as a top and I squelched back to the car.

On the way back I warned Andy about a giant hole – just as he fell down the bloody thing! So I had to drag him out of there. We had such a laugh though and although we are covered in bruises it was worth it! There should be more days like this. I’m looking forward to our next adventure.


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  1. Sounds like a great, uplifting day out Jane. That water is fairly moving too which I suppose added to the excitement. Bet you can’t wait for the next day like this.
    Take care

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