Pancake Day in Sligo 2017

Banoffee Pancake

Today was a good day. It was Shrove Tuesday/pancake day so that helped. I haven’t had anything sweet for a while so today I kind of lost the run of myself.

Eala Bhan were having a pancake day in aid of North West Hospice so it was a pig out for a good cause. I went along with my friends Heidi and Fiona. Heidi treated me to the pancakes as my birthday treat and we shared them – so I wasn’t too bad. Only about a million calories ;). Fiona had amazing willpower and didn’t eat anything.

Cadbury Creme Egg Pancake

The top two pancakes were both from Eala Bhan – and they were flipping gorgeous.

Mint Aero Pancake

Now just because of the day that was in it we thought it would be rude not to make the most of it so we headed over the bridge to The Blind Tiger to sample their pancakes. We had the mint aero pancake, is there anything nicer than melted chocolate? If there wasn’t a cafe full of people I would have licked the plate!

When I got home I had pancakes for dinner, but just sugar and lemon on top – didn’t think I should go too over the top! Of course now I’m in a sugar coma and I’ve eaten my body weight in pancakes. Back on track tomorrow with the healthy eating – but it was lovely to have a treat.




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  1. Those look absolutely AMAZING! We forgot it was Shrove Tuesday and didn’t have any pancakes. It was probably for the best 🙂

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