Mayo Skies

Sunrise over Clare Lake

Today was one of those perfect days. It’s so long since I’ve been off exploring and I’ve really missed going out and about with the camera so I made the most of it today.

Cloud Reflections Clare Lake

Lucy and Laurence got me a voucher for Afternoon Tea at Ashford Castle for my birthday last year and this was the first chance I had to use it. I left bright and early this morning and although it was cold and frosty the light was wonderful.

Mist rising

I’ll do a blog about Ashford Castle tomorrow but I wanted to share some of the weather photos I got with you today. Talk about four seasons in one day! This is one of the things I love most about Ireland, how the light can change in a matter of minutes and make a place look totally different.

Misty Water

The top four photos are all taken at Clare Lake, Claremorris. It’s a gorgeous loop walk and the photos were taken at various parts of the walk. It’s also home to a couple of giants….but more about that in another blog 🙂

Lough Corrib

This photo was taken at Ashford Castle. The castle is in a stunning location, overlooking Lough Corrib. Just when I arrived it started pouring with rain but I love the sky in this shot.

At the end of the rainbow

On the way home I could see rain clouds in the distance and the most beautiful rainbow. I had to pull over to take this pic, I love the way the rainbow is behind the little cottage.

Lough Talt, Sligo

As I was driving the sky was turning all different colours so I took a little detour to Lough Talt – which is in Sligo but I couldn’t resist putting this photo into the blog post.

I know I’m biased but I think Ireland is such a beautiful country and I’ve had such a lovely day exploring more of it.

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