Markree Castle

Markree Castle

Markree Castle in Collooney, Co. Sligo is a place that is very dear to my heart. I was involved in the Sligo Leader Hidden History project in 2013 where I spent a great deal of time meandering around the grounds and researching the history of the castle.

The Dining Room

The Corscadden family purchased Markree Castle in 2015 from the Coopers who had owned the property since the mid 17th century. This is the fourth castle owned by the Corscadden family and they have  painstakingly rebuilt and restored Markree to the highest standards. The attention to detail is just perfect.

Markree Castle entrance

I was thrilled to get a look around the castle today. It’s wonderful to know that it will soon be open again and will be an exclusive wedding venue.

Markree Castle Chapel Organ

What a fairy tale setting for a wedding – imagine getting married in an Irish Castle with it’s own chapel.


Markree Castle gardens

As you look out of the enormous windows it’s easy to see why Cecil F. Alexander was said to have been so inspired by the landscape that she wrote the famous hymn, ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ at Markree.

Markree Castle Stained Glass Window

The beautiful stained glass window on the landing of Markree Castle traces the Cooper family from Victorian times back to the early 12th century. I’m told the window had to be removed to make it safe and the only way to get it out of the frame was to break it. It was a labour of love restoring it and putting it back piece by piece and it’s a magnificent as it always was.

Markree Castle Entertainment Room/Bar

Markree Castle Entertainment Room

There are some new additions to the castle with an entertainment room. There’s also a very impressive Bridal Suite. I’m not going to share too many photos of the castle as it’s really something you need to see for yourselves.

Markree Castle Mirror

Well done to all involved in such a wonderful job – I’m really quite speechless. I’d like to welcome the Corscadden Family to Sligo and I hope Markree Castle will be a resounding success. You can see some more photos here. You can find out more about weddings at Markree here.

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  1. I visited here in 2014 while on a tour with Wild West Irish Tours. We spent quite a bit of time there, sitting in one of the rooms you have pictured, while Martin Byrne told us stories about the Castle. I also purchased some lovely hand spun yarn from a case in the great room, spun from the sheep on the property. Johnny Cash slept here!

  2. Markree Castle is one of our favorite places to bring our visitors for a walk-through and have lunch or just a cup of tea. The do-over looks absolutely beautiful and we’re soooooo glad to see they got rid of the animal heads on the walls – – – – – – we hope the ghosts of the castle aren’t disappointed in the new look.

  3. Cannot wait to visit when it reopens in March, I visited here many times when I lived in England, now I live in Collooney I will be delighted to return once more🗻

  4. So happy we got to stay here (in the renovated stable apartments) back in 2013! Are they opening these as wedding guest accommodation as well? What a beautiful place to hold a wedding!

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