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“Revive Northwest are a group in the Northwest of Ireland who are seeking a motorway system to connect Sligo to Dublin and the Northwest to the Southwest. This is to help the Northwest and West of Ireland to get a fair opportunity to increase their industrial and tourism sectors.”


From my point of view I feel like Sligo is a forgotten county in so many aspects. A motorway for the Northwest to Dublin/Galway is of even more importance in recent days as there is talk of Bus Éireann closing the Expressway intercity bus services. If the Expressway goes this would be devastating for both Sligo and Donegal.

We already lost Sligo Airport, it was so handy for people to be able to fly from Sligo to Dublin, sadly the flights ceased in 2011.

Although there is a regular train service it can be expensive and at times there have been problems with overcrowding.  It’s also quite a slow service as in the most part there is only a single track meaning that the train as to wait at certain stations along the way for the other train to pass it.

From a road point of view although people can drive from Sligo or Donegal some of the roads are downright dangerous in places. This is most evident in Castlebaldwin where numerous fatalities have taken place over the years. If there was a motorway these narrow, dangerous, stretches of road wouldn’t be an issue.

The motorway would make a lot of sense. It would be wonderful to be able to have a straight stretch of road with no roundabouts, traffic lights, various speed limits, getting stuck in towns along the way.

To sign the Revive Northwest petition and to find out more please click here.

“On the 8th of February, 2017, Sligo based action group Revive Northwest will march on Dail Eireann. This will be a positive protest highlighting some of the problems which are restricting growth in the region. Although based in Sligo, the group are aware that the Northwest and Western region, as a whole, is being forgotten about by the Government, especially with regard to infrastructure.”

*I’m not part of Revive Northwest, all views are my own but this is a matter I feel strongly about.

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  1. I find it is constantly awful, the suppression of public transport forcing people into cars that many people today cannot really afford with the fast escalating insurance, road tax, NCT repairs etc.

    The bus services a pain for taking bus stops away so they hardly stop anywhere anymore. They took our Ballinafad stop away, and our local bus service so it’s 10km to get to a bus stop now. I’m often trapped in due to something wrong with the car I cannot afford to sort out, and no public transport alternative. Even the taxis will only work evenings.

    I gather there is now the starting of the dual carriageway construction between Collooney and Castlebaldwin. That will ease a lot of kinks.

    I like the train, though, someone else driving, leg room, power points, wifi. I find any crowding is usually Dublin to Maynooth, not had it any other time except maybe Fridays.

    The public transport is odd as they have had record passengers and only a couple of years ago Expressway turned a good profit ???

  2. I’ve been on the train several times when there has been overcrowding John.

    I was surprised about the bus – they are usually always quite busy.

    The dual carriageway is a good idea, but a motorway the whole way would be great.

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