Save Sligo Libraries

I was disheartened to read today that one of the libraries in County Sligo is to close. Over the last year there have been temporary closures of the libraries due to staff holidays, lack of cover etc.

The libraries, in my opinion, are necessities. Not just for avid readers who can’t afford to buy as many books as they read. They are a place where people can come to relax, study, read a paper, research history or heritage. Regular storytelling sessions are held for families, there’s a friendly face and a welcoming smile.

There is free Internet access for members, subsidised lessons for people who might not know  how to use a computer and so much more besides.

Regarding the Ballymote Library, it’s outrageous that it should even be considered as one of those to close. Whenever I go into it there is always something happening. Louise, who runs the library, is one of those very special people you find occasionally.  She encourages various groups and classes. There are art exhibitions, crafting sessions, art workshops and the ever popular Rambling House, where people gather to play music, tell stories and socialise. Louise encouraged the Ballymote Community Youth Environmental Group and they went on to win a National ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Award. You see the library is about so much more than books, it’s about community.

I’m sure Sligo County Council can make cut backs in other areas and save our libraries. There is a petition running at the moment here, so if you feel as strongly as I do please sign.

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  1. Val, another lovely blogpost that is sadly one of your most pertinent. Keep on keeping on my friend and maybe one day Sligo will realise the potential it has. It is simply heartbreaking to see what is happening.

  2. Val you are always on the note when it comes to trying to save the good things in life. The library has been such a force in my life, ever since the first time i was able to go as a very young child. There was no internet, or even computers!! showing my age now, but the smell of the books and the excitement of wondering what great book I could find. The trip home on my bike, safely carrying my newfound treasure, and my father saying ” you always have your head stuck in a book, and all the work there is to do”!! Ann Flanagan was an angel in my eyes, and id say soooo many other people the same, and now Louise and Nick, always ready, open, available, kind and understanding. The library is a free therapy session, in so many ways to so many people, Dont let them close it. It will break hearts, especially this one.

    1. I agree Margaret. I remember bringing Lucy to Ballymote library when she was only two. She would get through her allowance of ten books in a couple of days. The library was so small in those days and she’d almost read the lot.
      It’s a fantastic place and all credit to Louise and Nic.

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