A Day in Sligo

Lough Gill

I often visit other towns for a day just for a mooch around at different shops and to explore other places. So I got to thinking if someone was coming to Sligo town for a day what I would suggest.

Firstly you might not have considered taking a trip to Sligo. Well I know I’m biased because I live here and I think Sligo is very beautiful. It’s easy enough to get here by public transport and we are blessed with having Ireland West Airport (Knock) about a 40 minute drive away. It’s also the perfect base for exploring the Wild Atlantic Way.


So the first thing I’d suggest when you arrive is breakfast. You really can’t beat Osta for that. They do fabulous porridge with all kind of toppings or if you want something more substantial go for the 15km breakfast – all ingredients locally sourced and delicious.



After all that food how about a walk along the river. The Garavogue is one of the shortest rivers in Ireland and runs from Sligo Bay to Lough Gill. There’s a lovely walkway down to Doorly Park, which has some gorgeous flower beds, an outdoor gym and a great playground for the kids.

Model Sligo

Check out The Model, Sligo. There’s always something interesting on there and don’t forget to have a look at ‘The Secret Garden’ up at the back of the building. This garden is based on the Lake Isle of Innisfree and won a gold medal at Bloom last year.


Go shopping. If you are looking for shops with a difference that you won’t find anywhere else in Ireland I would recommend The Cat and the Moon, run by award-winning jewellery designer, Martina Hamilton. It’s a gorgeous gift shop that only sells items made in Ireland. You are bound to find something you’ll love there. Above The Cat and the Moon is the Hamilton Gallery. The gallery hosts month-long exhibitions by some of Ireland’s leading visual artists.


For the foodies amongst you Cosgrove and Son Deli, one of Sligo’s oldest shops, is the place to visit. It’s an absolute treasure trove of a shop with all kinds of everything.


If it’s chocolate you are after check out Lollypotz, they make beautiful chocolate bouquets which can be delivered anywhere in Ireland or the UK.


Now I didn’t mention lunch for two reasons. First is that there are so many wonderful places in Sligo to have lunch and secondly because if I was coming to Sligo my first choice would be Afternoon Tea in Eala Bhan. If you are looking for something special look no further.


If it’s folk-lore and fairies that you are interested in call into Michael Quirke, a former butcher but now a wood-carver. I think Michael is one of the most interesting people in Sligo, he’ll enthrall you with his stories.


If you fancy a pint to finish of your day in Sligo check out Thomas Connolly’s, the oldest pub in the town according to some. With original features and live music most nights you are guaranteed a pint to remember.


So that’s just a few of my Sligo suggestions – I could write a book there are so many! I’ve kept this post all town based as some of you might be arriving by public transport and everything on this list is within walking distance. Enjoy your visit 🙂


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