San Francisco Saturday

Sleepy Sealions Unfortunately Jono is out of the Pokemon Tournament but he’s still really enjoying his experience here in San Francisco.

California Academy of Science

Jono has been spending time with his friends so I’ve been to see some of the sites. I’ll write properly about them all when I’m more awake but so far I’ve been to the California Academy of Science. I’ve seen the seal lions at Pier 39. Watched Lindy Hop in Golden Gate Park.

Painted Ladies

Paid a visit to the Painted Ladies and the house from Mrs. Doubtfire – thanks Katherine 🙂 Seen the Golden Gate Bridge and Ocean Beach – thanks to Katherine and Peter. Also been to Twin Peaks and loads more besides.

Ocean Beach

I’ve also walked for miles as I have an awful habit of getting off the bus at the wrong stop!


I went on a foodie walking tour with San Francisco Site Seeing Tours and been to the Farmer’s Market…oh and a Cat Cafe! So I will tell you more about everything again.

The Streets of San Francisco

For tonight though it’s time to say Goodnight to San Francisco and thank you so much to everyone who sent lovely messages xx

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