Lovely Limerick

Limerick at night

Last month I went on my first visit to Limerick. Jono was going to Limerick for BroCon so myself and Lucy went along to check out the city.

Belonging in Limerick

After a 4 hour bus trip from Sligo to Limerick (with a brief stop in Galway to change buses and a much-needed toilet break!) I was delighted when we arrived in Limerick. I’ve heard a lot of bad press about Limerick so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. From the minute we arrived I was struck by the friendliness of the people. So many said hello and the drivers stopped to let us cross the road – and they know how pedestrian crossings work! If you’ve been to Sligo you’ll know what I mean!

Limerick City Hotel

We stayed in the Limerick City Hotel which is in great location, close to the shops and the train station. They didn’t tell us it was being renovated though so we did have to put up with paint fumes and disruption.


I love being a tourist in Ireland and just going exploring. I had a few suggestions of places to see from the people on Twitter and TripAdvisor. In an ideal world I’d have loved to go on the walking tour of the city and also the kayaking tour but due to lack of time and a tight budget this didn’t happen. I would like to visit Limerick again though.

Limerick Urban Garden

Limerick was bidding to be the European Capital of Culture 2020 so there were signs of this throughout the city. Limerick is a vibrant, colourful, diverse city. With something to see on every street and a friendly face to greet you.

The Bridge

The River Shannon runs through the city and it’s well worth walking along it and crossing the three bridges. The medieval quarter is something special and I enjoyed my time walking around there. Even when two local ladies were calling me to tell me my tour bus was leaving without me – that’s how much of a tourist I looked!


The hydro-flyer who took to the river on Friday night was a spectacle in itself. The crowds lined up along the banks of the river and we gasped as he flew through the air. I really want to try that (well I think I do!)

Milk Market

The Milk Market on Saturday is just brilliant. A busy, bustling place, full of food, crafts, music and laughter. This is how a market should be and again I was struck by the friendliness of the people.

Limerick door

I loved the Georgian Doors, the People’s Park, the grounds of the University of Limerick, the old mixed with the new. Limerick is a very special city.

Food in Limerick

Of course no trip is complete without sampling some of the places to eat. Lucy is vegetarian and can’t eat dairy so it’s quite difficult finding places to eat out – but not in Limerick! Both Gasta and Bubble Tea Paradise Cafe are perfect places. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out the #eatinlimerick for details of lots of great places to eat.

Lucky Lane

So that was my couple of days in Limerick. If you are looking for a city break I would highly recommend it and I really hope I get back there one day. The rest of my photos are here.




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