Sheep Water Rafting at Temple House


Temple House from the lake

Well today was very exciting. The lovely people at Temple House contacted me today and asked if I’d like a boat trip with a difference!

I’ve seen on various occasions that they move their sheep across to an island for the summer and I’ve always wanted to go along for the trip. Today I got the chance to do just that.

Sheep in Temple House, Sligo

Of course I forgot that I’m not the best person on boats and I sort of panicked when the sheep moved and the boat swayed from side to side. The poor sheep got deafened by my screams and I think I upset a few of them as they jumped overboard!

Thankfully sheep can swim and the boat was swiftly turned around so they could be rescued. At one point I had a sheep sitting on my lap! All the ladies were deposited safe and sound onto the island and the trip back to Temple House was a lot calmer.

Sheep and Temple House


Thanks so much to Temple House for inviting me along for the ride. It’s one of the most exciting adventures I’ve had! If you are looking for somewhere special to stay when you visit Ireland check them out…and they are also a wedding venue – what a beautiful place to get married and you never know you might even get a boat trip 😉

Boat Trip with a difference


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  1. Your screams sending them overboard 🙂 What an adventure !!! I’ve been on a boat with sheep on the sea to Staffa Isle in Scotland, but it was a bigger boat. Nae problem.

    Funniest sheep story is on a trip to Dursey Island off of the Beara Peninsula. I was a lone traveller on the cable car. If there is only one person to keep the balance they strapped a sheep to once side and instructed me to stay on the other side. Though not on my journey, but with someone other lone traveller, the sheep got scared and kicked a hole in the cable car, which was only made of wood like a garden shed. I do not know if it dropped down to the sea, but that was the time they replaced the whole cable car and its cables. I have not been back since, but gather it does not need a sheep for balancing any more.

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