A Library Full of Stories


Yesterday was our end of year play at the ETB drama course I attend. ‘A Library Full of Stories’ was written by us all and was great fun to be part of.

I love drama it’s my third year of doing this class. We meet every Wednesday morning and just have the best time. It’s like being a child again. The character above is ‘Sonia’ she’s a cockney woman with a bad memory and she talks too much! She went through the audience talking to different people. This would be right out of my comfort zone but I can’t explain what happens when I act but it’s like I’m not there. Something seems to take over – that sounds a bit odd but that’s what happens.


The second scene I was in I played Becky. A woman dragged along by her sister to a yoga/detox retreat. Siobhan played my sister and Andy was the ‘guru’. This was a great scene to do and I’m much more relaxed when I’m on stage with other people. I ended up stuffing my face with chocolate cake…a bit like me in real life! Thanks to Laura from The Gallery Cafe in The Model for the chocolate sauce 🙂

It’s a shame we just got to do the play once as it would be lovely to do it again. I really enjoyed working with the other people in the group, it was great being part of the team. Noirin, our teacher, is just fantastic and we also got the chance to work with Jean-Marie from the Sligo Youth Theatre. I’m now wondering if I can pretend to be a 14-year-old so I can join 😉

Thanks so much to Anne-Marie for the photos and also to my friends for coming along to see the show. Next stop Fair City??

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