Upon your arrival in Enniscrone

Boeing 767

So the the big yoke has landed, not quite on time and not quite in one piece (her wings are missing) but she’s there ready for the next stage.

Busy Enniscrone

People are arriving in their masses to come and have a look. Never has such a buzz been seen in the North West of Ireland. I’m quite surprised that the country hasn’t tipped to one side and ended up in the Wild Atlantic Way.


So you’ve come to Enniscrone to see the plane. Why not make a trip of it? Enniscrone really is the place to be, the people are so friendly and it’s such a beautiful place. Not only do you have the miles and miles of sandy beaches to walk along there are lots of other things you can do:

Val Stand Up Paddling

Walk on the Wild Atlantic Way with Harbour Sup ‘n’ Sail. Mikee Hamilton is one of my favourite people, he’s warm and welcoming and will spend time showing you how to stay upright. You are guaranteed a fabulous time when you go stand up paddling with him.


Go surfing with North West Surf School. Shane is fantastic for teaching people how to surf. Even if you are uncoordinated like I am he’ll drag you around on the surf board. Great fun altogether.


Relax and unwind in a seaweed bath. Killcullen’s Seaweed Baths are a little bit of heaven. Feel your troubles slip away in a hot water seaweed bath.

diamond coast

Have lunch at the Diamond Coast Hotel. The food here is fabulous. I’ve heard good things about other places in Enniscrone but can only recommend places I’ve tried.


See Enniscrone from horse back. Iceford Stables run treks along quiet country roads or maybe a beach gallop for the more experience rider.


If you want to venture further afield check out Ballina, Co. Mayo, right beside Enniscrone and well worth a visit. You can find some ideas of things to do in Ballina and Mayo here.

Enniscrone Sunset

Enjoy Enniscrone. I want to go there for a holiday myself! Check out Discover Enniscrone for more ideas.

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