Sing Street at the Omniplex Sligo

This week Lucy and I went to see Sing Street. I’d heard and read a lot of good things about it and as it’s set in the 80’s (my era) I was looking forward to it.

You know when you hear of a ‘feel good movie’? Well Sing Street definitely fits that category. I loved how Cosmo changed his look depending on which band he was listening too at the time. I loved the casting and most of all I loved the story and the music. The only little niggle I had was the camera work at some parts but that’s because I get motion sickness – it totally worked for the film.

I’m not going to tell you the story, the trailer tells you enough. My favourite scene is where the band are filming their first single and are down a back alley. The costumes are hilarious, especially the cowboy outfit.  Three of the characters could have been right out of my teenage years, in looks anyway. It’s so strange watching something that could have been filmed in my school and was certainly the soundtrack to my life in the 1980s.

It was the first time I’ve been in the cinema since Omniplex took it over and I have to say I’m not that impressed. We could hear the film next door very clearly which really took from the film we were trying to hear. Also the staff weren’t the best, we were waiting to be served while they were talking. They also messed up the popcorn order, which would have been fine, if they’d have given us a new bag, instead of just tipping out the sweet popcorn and filling the same bag with salted popcorn. I did email Omniplex but they weren’t very responsive.  I do like the new seats though and it’s nice and clean although I think next time I go to the cinema it’ll be to Bundoran or Carrick-on-Shannon.

Do go and see Sing Street if you get a chance. You’ll love it and you’ll be singing the songs for days afterwards.



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