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I was listening to the Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene show today on RTE 2FM and they were asking people to text in with their stories of car holidays. They have joined forces with Citroen to find an ambassador family to drive a brand new Citroen for 2016. I didn’t get to text in because I was driving but it reminded me of a car holiday story and I thought you might like to read it.

My Nan lived in quite an old house in Galway and my family were all living in the UK. Every holiday was spent coming over to Ireland to try and fix her house up. I’m fairly sure she hated us coming because she was quite happy as she was. Anyway dad had an awful Lada car, it was like a flipping tank, – it was a navy version of the one above but it was an estate…think of a hearse and you’ve got the idea.

Anyway one time we were heading over to Galway and dad had the Lada in his garage and spent a couple of days packing the car up with all kinds of shite stuff. When he ran out of room in the car he loaded stuff onto the roof rack. All was going well until we had to leave for the ferry. Dad had piled so much stuff onto the roof rack as he reversed the car it got caught on the garage door and ripped the door off! We didn’t have time to sort it out so we just carried on to Holyhead.

Everything was grand (sort of) until we got to Stena Line. As the car was so packed of course we got stopped by customs. Typical of my dad he never brought anything new so they pulled him into the office to interrogate him about the packets of white powder that was found in the car!! It took a lot of convincing and they even bought in sniffer dogs before they finally believed him that it was wallpaper paste that he’d got cheaply at a car boot sale!

So that was my car holiday story!

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