When I grow up…..


I was inspired to write this by Lucy’s recent blog post.  It got me thinking back to when I was at school and what I wanted to be.

All through my childhood I wanted to be either a zoo keeper, a nurse or an actress. When the time came for us to do work experience at school there was one place at the local zoo and of course everyone wanted that place. One name got pulled out of the hat and in the words of Shaggy it wasn’t me. So I ended up at the hospital.

All was going fine until I had to deal with bed pans and holding a container for an old lady when she got sick. That finished the nurse dream. So I left school still not knowing what I wanted to be….and 30 years on I still don’t know!

To be honest I’m still waiting to grow up. Yes I got married, I had children and I pretend to be an adult but inside I’m still that 16-year-old with no idea about what I’d like to do! I’m finding, especially this year, that I’ve loved so many different adventures and things that I’ve tried that I like to do a bit of everything.

So to Lucy and others like her don’t despair if things don’t fall into place. We’ve all done things we haven’t liked very much and we’ve all done things we’ve loved. The experiences make us who we are. You live, you learn and if you can laugh through most of it you are doing well.

Life is an adventure, fasten your seat belt, hang on tight and off you go. Each experience is a new chapter in your book of life. x

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