Creating with Clay

Rocket-dog bowl

Last year I did a ceramics class with Rachel Quinn. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried my hand with clay – well unless you count the time in primary school when I got thrown out of the pottery class for talking! Anyway I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing but Rachel is a great teacher and very talented.

I made three different pieces. I picked two of them up yesterday. At the top you will see a bowl I made for Rocket-dog. I’m delighted with how this turned out and I love the glaze on it.


Next is my very wonky vase! It’s certainly unique! Now all I need are a few flowers to put it in (hint hint to anyone who may be reading 😉 )

If you don’t feel like making anything yourself Rachel has her own wonderful items for sale. If you do feel like learning something new, or maybe you would like to improve, Rachel has evening classes starting the second week of Jan on a Thursday night. It’s a 2 hour class for 8 weeks, great fun, very relaxing and always a nice bunch of people. It’s the perfect way to spend those dark evenings. You can find Rachel here.

I wonder what my next challenge will be?

2 thoughts on “Creating with Clay

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  1. I agree – unique and funky pieces, especially those made by your own hands – are the best, as they’re one of a kind, and they’re your very own designs and creations. One of the very best feelings a craftsperson can experience and have. Especially in this world of Pinterest copy-cats!

    I’ve always wanted to try my hand (or should that be hands?) at pottery and ceramics, and so Rachel’s upcoming classes in January sound just the ticket for what I’d like to try in the new year.

    Thanks for sharing, Val. All the pieces you’ve created are wonderful, and I’m sure that Rocket-dog loves his new bowl that you made with love, especially for him. 🙂

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