Sailing into Autumn

Boats in the mist

A very lazy blog post and some even lazier photos. This morning was a lovely misty morning so before I had to be anywhere I got a few pics of the boats on the Garavogue River in Sligo. I couldn’t be bothered getting the camera out, even though it was with me – I told you I was lazy! So these are taken with my phone (one of the cheapest phones I’ve ever had! I will blog about it in a few days).

Boats and the blue

These photos are not edited and there’s no filter on them, not bad for a phone that’s under a €100. What do you think?

Mist rising

2 thoughts on “Sailing into Autumn

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  1. What do I think…., just amazing, never mind about a cheap phone, to me it’s all about what the person sees and how it’s captured Total class shots as usual , thank you for sharing them.

  2. Great results without any filters or post production, you have a great eye for a photo all the same. I do notice the difference between my camera phone and DSLR on a cloudy day, one minute nice shot then clouds roll in and overcast and dark.

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