Boycott The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Blog Awards Ireland

I was delighted when I got an email a few weeks ago to say my blog had been nominated for The Blog Awards, Ireland. I’m not so delighted today when I found out that the Early Bird tickets are €75! This price is meant to be a ‘special offer’ for those who purchase tickets early. As I live in Sligo I would have to travel to Dublin for the event so that’s €40-€50 on travel. The last train leaves Dublin for Sligo at 7pm so I’d also have to pay for accommodation. So I would be looking at a minimum of €200 for one night.

I’m aware that some people make an income from their blogs but I don’t. Mine is purely a hobby and this ticket price is just outrageous. I went to the blog awards a few years ago, it was €30 for a ticket and we got a four course meal for that price. It’s run by a new crowd this year who just seem to be out to make a quick buck. I enjoy writing my blog regardless of whether it wins an award. So I’m withdrawing my blog from the awards, apologies if someone has already spent their time judging it.

I hope other bloggers join me in boycotting the blog awards this year.

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  1. Congratulations on well-deserved nomination, (no surprise, as I thoroughly enjoy the topics and photographs in your blogs) but the cost, for anyone unlucky enough to live outside the Capital, is absolutely nonsensical. Blog Awards Ireland should be acknowledgement of a blogger’s work and time, not another profit-making exercise.
    Thank you for making the facts available on your blog.

  2. When nominating your blog … I had no idea Early Bird tickets would be this expensive. I fully understand your point of view, Val.

  3. Well done on the nomination – and very well deserved.

    But …OUCH! €75! That’s a LOT of money!

    And, as yardsailor perfectly expressed and I agree completely: I’d have thought that, as you’re one of the nominees, you would be treated to the Awards night as one of the guests.

    Maybe we should all get together and have a western/northwester version of the Blog Awards. I know who I’d be nominating and voting for. :).

  4. Frustrated here also. €75 for a night of seeing blogs that haven’t been updated in months win, is a lot of money alright.

    Was a bit peed off when the nomination form this year said something along the lines of having to agree you would be at the awards. I write about my illness and can’t say beforehand if or when I’d be bad or not.

    Because of those non-updated blogs winning, I wondered if they were just giving prices to those who were there on the night of the awards instead of giving them to blogs that were good. I was a judge in the longlist to shortlist round, and in the finalist round also, and even mentioned on the judging forms that blogs I was judging weren’t updated in months. How on earth they still managed to win is completely beyond me.

    This year, I never received anything asking me if I wanted to enter, or in which category I wanted to be in despite others nominating me. I contacted them asking about it, and didn’t receive a reply.

    Also, I wonder if I can spend that much money on tickets. I’m on an invalidity pension so I do wonder about it all. Seeing the lack of updates on the BAI FB page, and their lack of updating their own blog on their website makes me think that nothing much has changed. Pity, because I love a good contest 😀

  5. Val, I think it’s yet another case of The Pale being viewed as the centre of Ireland. Maybe the answer is to have a revolving venue so that everyone gets a chance to avoid the travel/accommodation costs.
    I agree that 75 is very steep at a time when the recession certainly hasn’t lifted all boats.

    The other possibility is to have regional links via technology so there would still be a sense of community without biting into household budgets.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Main thing is to enjoy blogging and you certainly spread lots of information, insights and beauty through it.

    Hope Sligo is looking as lovely as Co. Waterford today. It’s like paradise here!

  6. Yes, huge congratulations on nomination, Val, but that’s a good call to boycott the awards under these terms. People make money with blogs ??? New one for me! As you are seeing here there’s people who can make good money from blog writers, possibly. Blogs do help us with other careers though. For book writers its a fabulous testing of content, and for tour guides and hospitality people its a great boost for attention to their work. Aye, nae bother with the awards this time. You have the making of a great book writer and local tour guide and events person yerself 🙂 Maybe you could set up the ‘Other Blog Awards’. Who’s to say the Dublin one should be the only one?

  7. Yes! another Blog Awards event, or just a bunch of bloggers together in the cafe in the Yeats Centre or Hargadons, Eileen and Ray would love that 🙂

  8. Ouch, I did not realise the cost was so high. Congrats on another nomination. I think there is a concensious that the cost is way too high. Perhaps a number of us could take a leaf out of the recent bloggers bash in the UK and set up a low cost non commercial event? I’m sure that very few of us make money from our blogs and do it for the love of it. I’m sure a local cafe at different locations around the country each year would be only too happy to host such an event

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