The Wild Atlantic Wayfarer Exhibition

Great crowd - photo by Eilish McGowan

The Wild Atlantic Wayfarer exhibition was opened last night at the Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo and will run until September 27th. I have mixed emotions about it all. Firstly I hardly ever print any of my images so to see 36 of them hanging on the walls of such a well-known building was very exciting. I don’t have a clue about hanging but the wonderful Catherine with the help of Sarah did a wonderful job. Secondly the whole experience to get the images was like an epic journey; I met so many wonderful people, tried so many new adventures, saw so many places I’d never been to before and I laughed!! More than I’ve ever laughed in my life, it was an amazing time so I’m very sad to say goodbye to that. I also discovered that I’m quite a tough cookie and that I’ll certainly give anything a go. After all how do you know what you will enjoy if you don’t try it. Sadly I’ve realised I’m not going to be out there with the tow-in surfers but I’m pretty good at leaping off a cliff into the sea!

Ian from LookWest, me and Peter Wilcock

I was over-whelmed by the amount of people who turned up to the opening last night. I’m also over-whelmed by the team I’ve had behind me, they have been such a support and I couldn’t have done any of this without them. Firstly the Hawk’s Well who invited me to have this exhibition and Lookwest for coming on board and supporting me. My good friend Heidi who came up with the whole idea. The many activity providers who put up with me, some of them will never be able to hear properly after I screamed so loudly during some of the adventures! Catherine who was there every step of the way. Core Concepts – poor old Frank must have had a hernia every time he saw me walk through the door – but shop local folks, I’d never had got the kind of service from anywhere else.


Berenice Cooks who did the wonderful catering, Osta for the lovely quiche, Wine Buff Sligo for the wine, Hearts Desire for the coffee, Eithna’s by the Sea for the seaweed pesto, Eala Bhan for the pate and caramalised onion marmalade. Fiona and Brendan for picking everything up and being such stars, Abbie for the wonderful poster and invitations. Ian from Lookwest/WDC for a great speech, Peter Wilcock the famous photographer for opening the exhibition and a brilliant speech. Of course my wonderful family who have just been amazing throughout all of this and I’d be lost without them.

Andy and I - photo by Lucy

Thanks again to everyone who came along and to Life According to Lucy for taking pics on the night.

11 thoughts on “The Wild Atlantic Wayfarer Exhibition

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  1. Terrific, so glad that your exhibition opening went, ahem, swimmingly! Also, with the Fleadh on in a couple of weeks, lots and lots of people will see your brilliant photos.

  2. I am so delighted for you! It is right and proper that you should finally exhibit some of your many fantastic photos. Very well deserved….. xx

  3. Hi Val – What a wonderful opportunity to share your photos with the world. Congratulations on this exhibit and I hope you will have many, many visitors over the coming weeks. Wish I was in Sligo to pop in to see your beautiful shots of the Wild Atlantic Way.

  4. Fantastic, Val! Well done to you – I’m delighted for you, and for all of the northwest for having you to shine a light on the beauty and magic of this part of Ireland. We’ll be popping into the Hawk’s Well soon, if not sooner – definitely looking forward to it. Congratulations – so very well deserved.

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