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Well it’s been an exciting week so far. Not only have I been jumping into the Atlantic again, which is now my favourite hobby – who’d have thought it! My Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project has been featured in the press. Firstly Woman’s Way did a big feature about it and on the same day I picked up the Sligo Champion and there I was again.

Sligo Champion

It’s not long now until the exhibition opens at the Hawk’s Well Theatre. Lovely Abbie from Iníon Veigh designed my poster, which I’m delighted with. I’m just doing the final bits in preparation for the big day. I really need to get my hair done and I’d love to get my nails done too now that I’m told I’m not allowed to wear a wet suit and flippers for the opening night!

exhibition poster

Hopefully I’ll see some of you on the night.

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  1. This is wonderful, Val. All of it. I’m so delighted and happy for you. We will make it a point to get to the Hawk’s Well . If not the opening night itself, then in the next couple of weeks. So well deserved, too. And well done to Abbie, too, for the great poster she designed. Well done to you, Val.

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