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Well it's been an exciting week so far. Not only have I been jumping into the Atlantic again, which is now my favourite hobby - who'd have thought it! My Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project has been featured in the press. Firstly Woman's Way did a big feature about it and on the same day I... Continue Reading →

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. The Three Amigo's are Robert Mizzell, Jimmy Buckley and Patrick Feeney. All great singers in their own right. They have teamed up for 'The Grand Tour' series of concerts all over Ireland. Jono likes country and western music so when I saw a competition in the Sligo Champion... Continue Reading →


, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's been a busy day one way or another. I took Lucy into town today. She needed a few bits for school. She goes back next Thursday. We got most of the things she needed. Then we had lunch in Pepper Alley which is a lovely place down by... Continue Reading →


Surprise....., originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online :). ....yet more rain! I'm starting to feel like a duck...must be the webbed feet 😉 So things here are fine. I managed to get at least the front gardens grass cut the other day and I'm sure the minute I came inside the buttercups showed their heads....blooming... Continue Reading →

Sunset over Knocknarea

Sunset over Knocknarea, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Oh my goodness.....firstly I'm watching Britains got Talent, oh dear, surely some of this must be staged??? There was a 49 year old singing Fame, very out of tune and dancing like a looney....she didn't even know the words. if you were going onto a tv show you... Continue Reading →

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