RAI President Launches New Healthy Eating Campaign for Kids

Eala Bhan Kids Menu

Restaurant Association of Ireland President and Sligo man,  Anthony Gray is on a mission to get children eating healthier. He believes this starts early and restaurateurs have a responsibility to offer and encourage healthier options for children’s menus.

Anthony has launched a new children’s menu in both his Sligo-based restaurants, Eala Bhán in Sligo town  and Tra Bán Restaurant in the popular family-holiday destination of Strandhill. He has also commissioned a leading children’s dietician, Ruth Charles, to ensure key nutrients are being offered in the new kids menus. The new menu features something for even the pickiest of eaters.

Ruth, who founded Nutrikids a consultancy for nutritional needs of infants, children and adolescents, said “When it comes to eating you may be surprised to learn that it is not instinctive. Children need to learn about food and develop eating skills by watching others around them .  When it comes to feeding your child well, the focus should be on nurturing their growth and development with locally sourced, in season, natural ingredients whenever possible.

“At Tra Ban and Eala Bhan, Anthony has managed to do this, and, provide great value for money.  It is so refreshing to see their focus on child sized portions for child sized tummies.  Through the restaurant’s children offering, Anthony also rises to the challenge of providing some of the key nutrients required for child health but with a nice twist and a funky menu that will excite children.  From their locally sourced salmon and fresh atlantic cod to cheeky strawberries and homemade soup; there’s vegetarian options, Tubbercurry beef and Irish chicken breast on offer too and that’s just the kids menu. Tra Ban offers a family friendly eating environment with something for everyone and it won’t break the bank”.

Anthony said, “Encouraging food education is an important aspect for my two year tenure as President of the RAI, as a restaurateur and as a father to two children. “We need to change the status quo of what children are offered to eat. Children may be more inclined to try something new while eating out, that they may refuse at home, our sweet potato fries for example”.

To view full menus and for more information see www.TraBhanSligo.ie

2 thoughts on “RAI President Launches New Healthy Eating Campaign for Kids

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  1. Great news, and what a lovely plate in your photo. I’ve always found the children’s menus to be more and more embarrassing. Now, if sweet potato fries were on a kid’s menu … that would be MY choice. One of my own weaknesses. When I am performing on USA tours I seem to live on those things 🙂 .

  2. Another food that has become amazingly popular on the west of USA recently, that children would love, and I also got addicted to, and fields are growing them everywhere there now due to demand is … roasted brussels sprouts 🙂

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