Surfing in Donegal

Paul, Una and Killian

As part of my Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project I headed to the Surf Capital, Bundoran in Co. Donegal today to pay a visit to Turf and Surf and try surfing for the first time ever. I was a bit worried as I’ve never tried surfing before and having recently got over my fear of the sea it’s still a bit scary, especially as I’m used to having Mark with me when I’m in the sea. When I walked in to the lodge I was delighted to meet Una. Una was telling me she will be 60 next year and she’s made a bucket list of sixty different adventures she wants to try before her birthday. She said during the winter she was sitting in front of her TV crocheting and thinking there must be more to life – so she’s started her own adventure to find as many exciting things she can try in Ireland.

Killian (above right) welcomed us in and we were given a cuppa…always a good start to the day! We were told we would be surfing with the Irish Surf Team. We were both fairly gullible because we believed it!! We were introduced to Paul, our surf instructor (above left), and after struggling into our wetsuits we got into the jeep and Paul took us to Rossnowlagh.


I’d like to say the photo above is me…but alas it’s not and thankfully there are no photos of me. Paul explained what we were meant to do before we went into the water and we practiced ‘surfing’ on dry land. I was absolutely useless the minute we got into the water though. I have no balance and no co-ordination. I floundered about on the board like a baby giraffe…legs going everywhere except where they were meant to go! Paul helped us catch the waves and at one stage I did manage to get on my knees (praying for a miracle!) but apart from that I was rubbish. The Irish Surf Team can rest easy in their bed tonight, I’m no threat to them.

Splashing about

We were in the sea for well over an hour and I really enjoyed it. It was great fun and well worth trying out. Rossnowlagh looks like a lovely place as well so I will go back to have a look around. We headed back to Bundoran and were given a much-needed coffee and chocolate biscuits. There’s a great atmosphere at Turf and Surf and everyone was so friendly. Thanks a million Killian and Paul for a great day and Una it was a pleasure to meet you, you are an inspiration and good luck with your adventures.

Beach walkers

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  1. I love the Sandhouse Hotel there at Rossnowlagh. Home of one of my favourite restaurants in Ireland, sitting in a bay window, which really is a bay window. Its a good place to be based to go to anywhere in Donegal county. I like it in October, the beginning of the off season. Everything is closed and quite. Surfing gone, of course. Very relaxing and wonderful to hear the waves crash on the shore at night in bed.

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