A quiet weekend

Rainbow over Lough Gill

It’s been a very rare quiet weekend for me this weekend. I have a list of adventures I have to complete but with the weather being more like November than May and the fact I’m as sick as a small hospital these have been put on hold for the time being.

I’m never usually ill but since Tuesday I’ve felt pretty rough, I thought I was getting over it but my throat is burning today and I’m sounding like a budget version of Bonnie Tyler. I put it down to the fact I have been soaked to the skin so many times over the last few weeks and I reckon it’s given me a chill.

The weekend has been spent with me sitting in front of the telly watching the result of the referendum – I’m just imagining how fabulous some of the weddings will be from now on! I also watched ‘Stalking Laura’ – an old movie – who knew John Boy Walton could be so scary! Then the Eurovision Song Contest – which felt like it went on for two weeks! I’m delighted Sweden won though, I really like the song and the special effects were fantastic. I liked the Serbia song too. Poor old Ireland didn’t get into the final at all – we should have entered Jedward again 😉 As for the UK…I’d better not say anything!


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  1. Thought you had gone quiet this week Val. Hope you feel better soon. And yes, it is more like November.

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