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River Liffey Reflections

I was invited up to the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM at The Sugar Club in Dublin on Friday as I entered a competition to win a Renault Megane and boy do I need a new car. Gilbert the Getz is 11 years old and has started screaming when I drive him…so on Thursday night we went up to Dublin because we had to be at The Sugar Club at 6.30am on Friday morning.

Ha'penny Bridge

After a walk around Dublin on Thursday night (hence the photos above) we went to our hotel. The Kildare Street Hotel, which was grand, cheap and cheerful but the 4,000 steps* up to our room because there wasn’t a lift almost killed me. *might be a slight exaggeration.

Renault Megane

When we arrived at The Sugar Club I was very excited to see what I thought would be my new car. We had to queue for a bit and it started drizzling I was worried that me hair would be in bits so I was tweeting Ian Dempsey to let us in.

Ian Dempsey

I was slightly morto when he started reading my texts out during the show…and in true Val style I had been tweeting a lot!


Hamsandwich were playing a couple of songs live and they were brilliant. I’ll definitely listen to more of their music. We also saw Mario Rosenstock and he was really funny. I wish I went to see Gift Grub live when it came to Sligo….next time.

Mario Rosenstock

Now onto the car competition. I’d read the whole of the Renault Megane manual in the hopes it would be a quiz and I would win….I’d also memorized the whole of the Renault fleet plus I had been running marathons for the last two weeks just in case it was a race to the car…and I sat at the front as well so I was guaranteed to win. I shouldn’t have bothered though as four finalists had already been chosen and one person from the audience was left to be picked….in the words of Shaggy ‘it wasn’t me!’ So I’m stuck with screaming Gilbert but on the positive side the Megane was quite big and I’d probably have been hopping it off everything if I won.

Ian Dempsey

After the show we got to say hello to Ian Dempsey and Mario Rosenstock. You can really see that the early morning didn’t suit me! Aside from not winning the car I really enjoyed the morning with Today FM, it was great craic so thanks to them for having us along.

Trinity College

After our early morning Lucy went back to the hotel to sleep (light weight) and I went to Trinity College to join the crowd waiting to see the partial eclipse. I should have followed Lucy though because I saw the eclipse for about a second!

The Old Library

As I was in Trinity College I finally got to see the old library. I had read there was no photography allowed but there were quite a few people taking photos so I just joined it. It’s such a beautiful library, it reminds me of something out of a Harry Potter film.

National Library

After one library it was on to the National Library to see the Yeats Exhibition. I really enjoyed this, especially listening to the poems being read along with the side-show (although I think the photos could have been a lot better). Sinead O’Connor’s readings were just wonderful.


After all that culture I’d worked up an appetite so after checking out of the hotel we went to Alfie’s for lunch. We were going to go to Brasserie 66 but read about Alfie’s in a magazine in the hotel and it sounded great. They have a lunch menu where you choose a starter, a main and a side for €10. I had fish cakes, goats cheese salad and a baked potato – it was lovely and well worth going there. So that was my day in Dublin, you can check out Lucy’s blog post here.

The rest of my photos are here.

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  1. I was looking forward to hearing how you got on! Sounds like a wonderful day. I’ve been a fan of the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show for many years, I’was listening to some of it. on the day! Great photos…. LOVE the Halpenny Bridge one. Fabulous. And the one of you and Ian too! Pity about the car….

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