Sligo St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2015

150 Shades of Yeats

Today not only was I at the Sligo St. Patrick’s Day Parade today but I was actually in it with the Sligo Tidy Towns. They were trying to get a new World Record of the most people dressed as WB Yeats in one place. We got 150 volunteers which was brilliant!!


There was a great sense of community and it was brilliant to see people of all ages taking part with Sligo Tidy Towns. I had to laugh as we were walking through the parade as some people thought we were Harry Potter and another woman said ‘Oh look it’s 150 shades of yeast!!’ It gives a whole new meaning ‘I will arise and go now’!


We even had Pippin the dog joining us 🙂

Little and large

Sligo was really busy with all creatures great and small taking part in the parade. I didn’t get photos of all the floats as I was walking in it but I did get quite a few of the crowd and of some of the participants.

IMG_7021The list of winners from the parade are here and you can see the rest of my photos here.

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  1. You’ve got me smiling from ear to ear reading this – ‘I will (a)rise and go now’ fitting so perfectly with ‘150 Shades of…Yeast!’ Hilariously adorable! We were planning on coming into town for the festivities, but we were both a bit under the weather…but seeing all these great photos and all these happy, smiling faces (men, women, children, big doggies and adorable puppies …and many many shades of Yeats) is definitely what a Paddy’s Day parade is all about.

    Thanks for sharing the day with us, Val. Great stuff!

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