Mooching Around Mayo

Lough Conn

Last week Lucy and I went over to Ballina for the afternoon. Lucy really wanted to go to the Penneys there which is a fantastic two-story shop and so much better than the Sligo one. As for me I don’t ‘do shopping’ or when I do I complain about it so I dropped Lucy off in the town and went exploring.


I headed in the direction of Lough Conn and the Nephin Mountain. There were still some small traces of snow on top of the mountain.

Addergoole Titanic MemorialI went to see the Addergoole Titanic Memorial Park. In 1912 fourteen people from Addergoole set sail on the Titanic, they were all hoping for a new life in America, eleven of them perished when the boat sank.


The 3 survivors from Addergoole all took up residence in the USA.  Annie Kate Kelly, became an Adrian Dominican Sister in Michigan and became known as Sister Patrick Joseph; her fellow nuns called her ‘Sister Titanic’.  The other two survivors were Delia McDermott who married, had three children and ran a boarding house in Jersey City and Annie McGowan who married and lived to the ripe old age of 95 in Chicago, Illinois.


It’s a very moving memorial in a beautiful setting under the shadow of Nephin Mountain.


You could only try to imagine the excitement that these people must have felt as they were beginning their new life.

IMG_4525When I stopped the car at the memorial park this little robin came up to meet me. I started to talk to him and I swear he was listening to me.


I asked him if he was hungry and I think he nodded, so I got some granola out of the car…don’t ask 😉


Anyway I fed him, had another little chat with him and headed back to meet Lucy.


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  1. I’ve just started our 2015 list of places to visit – Addergoole now added to all your recommendations from 2014 that we didnt get too. The car seems to take us to Mullaghmore all the time…..

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