A great Christmas present!

Coolaney river

The family got me the perfect Christmas present this year it’s a gorillapod.


A gorillapod is a flexible tripod and is brilliant! You attach it to your camera and can either use it as a low tripod or wrap it around branches, fences or anything else! It’s just perfect for me as I didn’t want to bring a big tripod out with me and it wouldn’t be flexible. The is small and very manageable so great to take out and about.

IMG_4435The photo above was taken with the gorillapod very low to the ground, I can now get the dog’s perspective on life 😉


It’s also brilliant for slow shutter speed shots. I used to just sit the camera on the camera bag or try and hold it but used to shake it. Now I don’t have to worry 🙂

Slow shutter speed

I’d recommend a gorillapod to anyone, they even do them for phones!


2 thoughts on “A great Christmas present!

  • Love your photos. 🙂

    I’ve had a little gorillapod for a few years now and it’s great for taking photos with yourself in when you’re out and about with other people. Mine is just a little one and it’s a bit too small to handle my big DSLR but it’s perfect for my little compact.

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