Clever dogs and a clever chicken


Today was a really lovely day. Little Wings Bird Sanctuary organised Cinderella performed by dogs. Autumn above was Cinderella, she and all the other dogs were just brilliant. Very talented dogs and owners.


There were the ugly sisters (aw bless), Fairy Godmother, the wicked stepmother and they all went to the ball. I took some videos of the dogs dancing but my Internet is so slow I can’t upload them at the moment.

IMG_3140Prince Charming found the ‘glass slipper’ (pink sock) and of course it fitted Cinderella (when the Prince eventually let go of it).  There was a doggy wedding and they all lived happily ever after.

IMG_3167Really well done to all involved on such a lovely day. Chris from the sanctuary makes beautiful pictures out of feathers that the birds in the sanctuary have shed.

IMG_3218You can find out more about the sanctuary here.

Not only did we get to see the dog show, there was also a raffle and a cake sale (the cakes were fab!) and Nugget the chicken showed off her agility skills.

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