Rock the boat

7679894250_694aef54d4_hI have some kind of phobia about boats…well no I suppose I don’t. Boats would be great if they didn’t move…but they do and I’m going to be in one for quite a few hours tomorrow on Lough Gill taking photos of the brave souls swimming the lake in aid of North West Hospice. I know I’m being a coward but I’m not great with motion. I’m grand when I’m driving but anything else makes me feel queasy. The first time I went horse riding I got seasick! I can’t even look at google maps for more than five minutes without feeling sick. So if you see a green woman in a boat on Lough Gill tomorrow that will be me. Swimmers and kayakers don’t get too close…you’ve been warned. I always take pics of the swim but usually from dry land. Ciara, the official photographer for the swim is at Electric Picnic though so I’ve been volunteered 😉

As well as taking photos I will also be tweeting and Facebooking on the Lough Gill Swim’s account (phone battery permitting)…so if you want to follow all the action check out those accounts. Best of luck to everyone taking part and there’ll be entertainment at Doorly Park to welcome the swimmers home from 1pm so be sure to come along….and bring me a bucket I might need it 😉


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  1. I was on Lough Gil yesterday did see the yellow markers for the swim, the Captain of the Rose of Innisfree pointed them out, good luck to you in a little boat, there were lots of whitecaps on the water yesterday. Good luck to all the brave swimmers.

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