All Fleadhed Out!


Firstly apologies for this post being so short and lacking in photos. My Internet is diabolical, in fact it took over 600 minutes just to upload a two second video, it’s so bad my blog isn’t working properly so you’ll just have to put up with me waffling on.


If you live in Sligo you’ll know we just had the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, if you don’t know what that is it’s a huge traditional Irish music festival. I must admit I wasn’t going to go near the town for any of it…and I ended up going in almost every day! The atmosphere was just brilliant, the streets were full of buskers and Irish dancers. There were traditional music sessions in the pubs. There market stalls, food stalls, concerts, plays, walks, talks, parades and so much more. It was like New Year’s Eve every day, the whole town was buzzing and alive. There were people everywhere and music everywhere, I was so proud to live in Sligo.


I didn’t get to all of the Fleadh because there were so many different events taking place, so I just stuck to the centre of town. I was talking to a lot of visitors who said it was the best fleadh they’d ever been to. The many volunteers did an amazing job of helping visitors, keeping the town clean etc. The Sligo Tidy Towns have done such a brilliant job in the town, with all the amount of visitors and I heard there were 350,000 people attending the event but the place was spotless.




Some highlights for me were going backstage at Fleadh TV, seeing No Crows and Dervish perform, chatting to visitors, watching the parades and of course the fireworks. I don’t miss the yapping dogs though which seemed to be for sale on various stalls throughout the town, I also don’t miss some of the very dodgy tuneless buskers (and the fact I didn’t get a free Fleadh hoodie 😉 )…apart from that it was great! Looking forward to next years one already. There are loads more photos here.

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