Welcome April

I don’t know about you but this year seems to be flying! It’s hard to believe it’s April already. I was very bold this morning and joked on Facebook that I’d won a camera…I didn’t think so many people would believe me! Maybe one day it won’t be a joke.

House in the fog with sheep

This morning started off quite foggy and now that the clocks have gone forward it’s quite dark in the mornings when I’m walking the dog so I’ll have to get used to that again.

Lough Gill

By the time I got into town the fog had lifted and the skies were blue, it’s wonderful to see the weather so good. It certainly cheers people up and it was great to be able to walk everywhere today.

Boats on a blue river

Let’s hope the weather stays like this for rest of the month (or even the year).

Yellow flowers and a blue sky



2 thoughts on “Welcome April

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  1. Love the reflection of boats on water. I didn’t try any April Fool’s Day jokes yet, nor did anyone try any on me, but I’d likely have been fooled by yours had I seen it before reading this post! I’m sure you’ll get your dream camera one day, Val – you deserve it!

  2. Love daffodils! I inadvertently pulled an April Foot’s joke this year. It was kind of fun and harmless.

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