Surveys and rants

Ok a rare blog with nothing to do with photography!! I was driving along today and heard that Adam Levine has been declared as the ‘sexiest man alive’. Who decided this? Was it one of those surveys that I hear about but have never been asked to take part in, or never heard of anyone else who has taken part in them.

I have to say Adam Levine has never even crossed my mind as being sexy, mind you I don’t get the whole David Beckham thing either.

Now onto a rant and a big one at that. Jono, as some of you know, has asperger’s syndrome. He was waiting for over 3 months to see a psychiatrist. His appointment was on Monday. He went in to see the doctor on his own and was in the room for around 8 minutes!!! 8 MINUTES!! He came our waving a piece of paper containing his prescription. When I asked what the doctor said he told me she mainly asked him about his surname and went on to ask him did he have an Irish or UK passport. I’m lost for words. I was going to go in and give her a piece of my mind but I was too bloody furious and I’ve already had to go in to her before when she didn’t bother asking him anything that was relevant. Needless to say a letter has been written and it’s no wonder people suffer with their mental health when they are firstly kept waiting so long for an appointment and secondly not asked anything to do with their problems.

I’ll shut up for now, hopefully I’ll be back to the photos later.


4 thoughts on “Surveys and rants

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  1. Its so frustrating fighting the system. These experts are hard to understand. They know there are long waiting lists and yet they dont deliver when you do get to see them. I wish you and Jono well.

  2. Yes, truly frustrating here as well.
    As for Levine, I’m a senior and nobody in my lifetime has ever asked me my opinion of sexiest man alive (or my fave TV program for ratings reasons either). Judy

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