A few days in Spain

DolphinWell we are back from our few days in Spain. We had a lovely time even though the weather didn’t really co-operate. When we arrived it was raining as it was the next day. So we headed into Malaga to do some sight-seeing and shopping.

Horse drawn carriageI loved how clean the place was and how friendly the majority of people were. The kids were very impressed by the food! We had to stop at Dunkin’ Coffee (like dunkin’ donuts) and Taco Bell! A taco and a beer was only €1, that’s another thing that surprised me, firstly how cheap it was to eat out and secondly that beer was available at the fast food places and the theme parks. We had a look in three different shopping centres, one was at the train station which was a great idea. There was also free WiFi at quite a few of the places.

122On Wednesday the sun finally came out so we got to sunbathe on the beach. We put sun cream on but Jono and I managed to get our feet and legs burnt 😦 Again there was free WiFi on the beach we were on…what a great idea. If only they could do the same in Sligo. We didn’t get swimming in the sea or the pool because the water was too cold.

151Thursday we headed to Mariposario de Benalmadena. 

136It’s a beautiful place, a lovely butterfly park. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. It was like having fairies flying over you with all the beautiful butterflies.

IMG_1036It’s also right beside the Buddhist Temple which is another lovely place with great views.

Buddhist TempleViews from the Buddhist TempleAfter our visit there we headed back to Selwo Marina. 310We got lost on the way so had to take the little road train to get there and when we did we missed the dolphin show and there wasn’t want for another three hours so that was a bit disappointing. I thought it was expensive for what it was and wouldn’t go back again. We got to go in to the monkey enclosure but the guide only spoke to people in Spanish even though we’d previously heard her speak English.

403 415We walked back from Benalmadena to where we were staying at Palm Beach, La Carihuela and I headed up to Battery Park which is really lovely. Only thing was I was wearing the wrong shoes and ended up with blisters but I still managed to look around for a while.

I have to say a huge thanks to the people on the Torremolinos forum on Tripadvisor for all their excellent help when we were planning our trip. If you want to see the rest of the photos they are here.


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