I found this place on my travels. The door was missing and there were no ‘Keep out’ signs. It was a very eerie place.

I love looking around abandoned places but I always get a bit freaked out 😉

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  1. oh Val that place looks fascinating! I’ve been out looking at an old abandoned warehouse today taking photos with Carolyn for her A level Art project. Really run down area in the city with kids of all ages running amok. Even when we went in with cameras they carried on graffiti’ing with spray paints, so brazen. An eye opening experience.

      1. You are seriously brave! I do remember, as a child, I liked to explore old buildings with my friends but, looking back, knowing what I know now, I think we were crazy. I see places all the time and I am tempted, but I guess not enough to traipse around in there…

  2. I love old properties, they always make me consider what they might have been like in their previous lives, the families who might have lived there or the workers who earned their livings. I agree they can be a little bit earie though, almost as if the past is watching you. Thanks for a lovely blog, it keeps me up to date with sligo when i’m not there x

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