KT Tunstall at Sligo Live

Sligo Live kicked off yesterday. It’s a great festival of live music and so much more. KT Tunstall was the first act on the main stage which was held at the Knocknarea Area, IT Sligo. It’s a great venue and can hold 1200 seated and 2000 standing, so let’s hope this will be the first of many concerts held there. My friend Heidi was there early and saved a seat for me right at the front 🙂

There were two supports acts, the first was Rozi Plain. It wasn’t really my kind of thing but I’m sure some people enjoyed it.

Next up was Sam Lewis who was very good. It’s hard when you don’t know any of the songs though. I love to sing along….much to the horror of the people next to me.

Next up was KT Tunstall and she was fantastic. She had no band, she played all the music herself. She recorded the backing vocals at the beginning of each song and played them through the song. I thought it was brilliant when she incorporated a White Stripes song into one of her songs. She also had the audience ‘beat-boxing’ although she said we sounded like diarrhoea! KT even did a marriage proposal from Brian to Marie who were in the audience.

Marie said yes! So everyone cheered 😀 Congratulations to them 🙂

KT Tunstall is also really funny. She had a seaweed bath earlier in the day and it inspired her to write this song:

If you want to see her singing one of my favourites here she is (this wasn’t from last night) although she was fantastic singing it last night too.

So well done to all involved in Sligo Live for bringing such a great act to Sligo.

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