Rihanna in Dublin

Lucy won three tickets to see Rihanna in Dublin. So off we went 🙂 They were standing tickets and as Jono has problems standing for long periods of time we tried to see if there was any chance of getting seated tickets. We were waiting for a long time at the front desk in the O2 (and missed most of Calvin Harris 😦 ).

One poor lad came in to see the show and was turned away as the ticket he bought was stolen. Poor lad was in tears. He was only about 12….it’s a good job I don’t run the place or I’d have let him in. I felt so sorry for him.

In the end we didn’t manage to get seats so we stood at the back and sat down on the floor when Jono needed to. It was a fantastic show, Rihanna is a great entertainer and so good singing live. I love ‘people watching’ when we go to concerts. I had to wonder about the woman doing sit ups during one of the songs!

There was a really funny bit when Rihanna was singing ‘Rude Boy’ and 4 young girls started dancing around the O2 security guys, they didn’t know where to look 😉

We got wristbands to get into the Blueroom which is a really cool bar. So we were able to sit in there before the concert started.

I was surprised how many people left before the encore. They missed the best part which was Umbrella. All this red confetti showered down on the crowd….some of which were holding umbrellas up. All in all it was a fantastic show and I’m not surprised it sold out. The rest of my photos are here but I was only using a compact camera so they are pretty bad. (Well that’s my excuse anyway 😉 )

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