Celtic Fringe Festival

The Celtic Fringe Festival is a fantastic range of concerts and events running from June 23rd-26th 2011.
It will feature artists from coastal and celtic regions of Spain, England, Holland and Scotland whose traditions are linked by the voyage of the Spanish Armada, three of whose ships foundered on Streedagh Beach over 400 years ago.

 MULLAGHMORE SAILING CLUB presents a family day of sailing, sea and fun events on Saturday.

Experience sailing on club members’ sailboats as crew or a  run across the bay in the clubs high speed rescue boat – all for free.  Children can enjoy a Spanish treasure hunt along the beach and dunes followed by traditional Spanish street games such as “Caro o Cruz” (Face or Cross), a field chase game.To finish off there will also be a Spanish Dress, Barbecue & Paella party at the clubhouse with Flamenco music.

STREET FIESTA & THE WORLDS BIGGEST STRAW BOYS PARADE . Strawboys from Sligo , Mayo,and Fermanagh will be joined by a fleet of children with their strawhats produced at one of the many workshops held in north Sligo schools  . Replica Galleons, Flamenco artists, Galician dancers and pipers, samba drummers  will form an armada of colour and sound . Join in  the day of fun with family and friends. Street entertainment stage will feature local and Spanish artists from 1pm on Sunday.

There are loads of other events going on as well. For full details have a look at the  website.

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