New Year’s Day

New Years Day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you are all having a lovely day.

We stayed up until 1am and I’m shattered today! I even fell asleep in front of the telly…old age has set in! We were all singing along to Auld Lang Syne last night, including the dog who barked his way through it 😉

I spent most of today cooking. I finally picked up the turkey I ordered which I couldn’t get at Christmas. I didn’t want a full turkey because they are too big  so I ordered a turkey roll (or crown or something). I told them I only wanted a small one. Well look at the bloody size of the thing:

I’ve seen smaller children then this bloody turkey. Anyway I had to hack it to bits or I’d have been cooking it for a fortnight. It was fine in the end though. This is the finished dinner:

My mum arrived with a bottle of wine and a sod of turf. Aparently it’s lucky 🙂 She also bought pudding which was a strawberry gateau:

After dinner we went for a walk. It was like walking with the asthma society with the puffing out of Andy, Jono and my mum!

It was a lovely day but I think I’ll be having an early night tonight.

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  1. Hi Val, Happy New Year to you allx
    I’ve had a similar day to you – had a full house today and a late night last night – although I had to pick Stef up from a party last night – it wasn’t me partying!
    The cooking went pretty well which I am pleased about, made a minty mojito for when the guests arrived which went straight to my head and finished off the meal with some pink champagne – by this time I was practically slipping off my chair.
    All the best for 2011.x

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