Capture a Sligo Summer Moment

I entered a photo competition on ‘Look West’. I’m delighted to say that two of my photos got into the final. The above photo is one of them and the other one is below.

So both these photos will be in an exhibition in the Capture gallery in Sligo. I can’t wait to see them, it’s the first time any of my photos have been in an exhibition 🙂

It’s a public vote, so if anyone would like to vote for me you can either vote from facebook. Or on this site.

6 thoughts on “Capture a Sligo Summer Moment

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  1. Hi Magnumlady

    I just want to say that I think you are possibly the BEST photographer I have ever seen. I am very very impressed with your work… It’s absolutely amazing.
    It’s one thing to understand the mechanics of the camera (which you obviously do) but to have an eye for a picture (as you definitely do) is another gift which very few people in my opinion have.
    Well done again to you.


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