Gratitude Award

I’ve been tagged by Susan (Queen of Pots) for a gratitude award.

I have to say five things that I am grateful for. I’m grateful for so many things, but I’ll try to narrow it down.

The first thing is my lovely family. I really have been blessed. I have the most wonderful husband and the best son and daughter in the world (I know it’s sounds sickly but it’s true), not a day goes by where I’m not grateful to have them in my life.

The second thing I’m grateful for is my health. For regular readers of my blog you will know that my family have had their fair share of health problems. Thankfully they all seem to be doing well at the moment. The worst thing I’ve had in recent years are a couple of colds.

The third thing I’m grateful for is technology. I would be lost without my camera, laptop, phone, ipod, internet radio….the list could go on and on.

The fourth thing I’m grateful for is entertainment. I was going to say music but I decided entertainment is a better word and could hopefully include books as well. I love music, especially live shows. I also love reading.

The fifth thing I’m grateful for is nature. There is so much to see that most people don’t take time to look at. Animals are wonderful too……especially the cute fluffy ones 🙂

Now I have to tag five people to give a gratitude award to:

Andrea a new blogger, but she says lovely things about me 🙂

Rarelesserspotted we started blogging at the same time and I enjoy reading his blogs.

Lily who started our bloggers book club 😀 and I’m grateful to her for that.

Marie one of our book clubbers and a lovely lady.

Steph this lady is an inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Gratitude Award

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  1. Val, thank you very much for including my blog! Thank you for teaching me about photography through the wonderful photographs on your blog. Your appreciation of nature shines through your photographs.

  2. Hi Val
    Nothing sickly about saying that about your family. If you have a wonderful family life (and thankfully I do too), and if you are wise enough to realise what you have, then you are rich beyond measure.
    Beautiful photos over the last few days. I especially liked to dandelion clock in the rain. I’m now going back to look at the donkey clip.

  3. Hi Val

    Thanks for the link and compliment.

    I’m just in from the pub so won’t attempt to do the challenge now. Leinster beat Munster in the Magners League and I’m more than grateful for that! 😀

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