Pancake Day

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I love pancakes. I wonder why I only ever have them on pancake day though!

Today has been busy. Most of the time spent driving Lucy in and out of town, she went to the cinema with her friends.

There is actually a daily bus from our village to Sligo now, but as it leaves around 7am I thought I’d better not send her on it!

I’ve recovered from my ‘near death experience’ with the jeep. My mother will probably be talking about it for the next 5 years.

Tonight the Brit awards is on, so we are watching that. I like Peter Kay presenting it, he’s really funny.

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  1. I too love pancakes and never think to have them at any other time! I didn’t even manage that this year though, as on Tuesday there were more important things to think about.
    Mmm…pancakes! My daughter has a friend round today and we’re having Chinese takeaway. Do you think fritters on Thursday still counts, LOL?
    AND I forgot the brit awards. Darn it!!

  2. I am a counsellor from Donegal, living and working in Blanchardstown, Dublin.

    I have been interested in spirituality, healing and psychic ability since I can remember. I became fascinated with the near death experience since I read the serialization of Ray Moody’s book “Life afer Life” in a Sunday paper.

    I am now doing a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, by distance learning in Liverpool John Moores University. My final year thesis is on the effect of near death experiences on spirituality and religion.

    I am looking for Irish people who have had an NDE who would be willing to be interviewed confidentially for my study, which has passed the test for ethical approval at my college. Would you be willing to help me? Perhaps you would like me to post more details to help you decide? I would be happy to travel to you and honour any conditions you propose. As I have to submit my completed thesis by May 12th this year, I hope to have completed my interviews by end March.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Kevin Gallagher
    087 6355545

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