The Alpine Garden, Lissadell House

Into the Alpine Garden, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I took Jono to Lissadell House today, it’s been a place we have wanted to visit for a while. It was closed earlier in the year due to problems with rights of way.
I believe the problems are still ongoing but the owners have come to an agreement to open the house until the middle of September.

It is a beautiful house and such a credit to the family who bought it and have restored it to it’s former glory. We were shown around by a very good tour guide, who told us all about the Gore Booths who used to own it. Also about William Butler Yeats who used to visit.
Boots by the front door

We got to see quite a lot of rooms in the house itself which was much better then the few rooms we got to see in Malahide Castle.

The music room was really special. I also really liked the servants quarters, you could feel the chill and imagine all the servants going about their daily chores.

The highlight for me were the gardens though. We got to see the Alpine Garden which is in the photo above. You can see the sea from the garden, it’s so scenic.
We also got to see the Victorian walled garden, which is also the kitchen garden. I’ve never seen so many different varieties of potatoes before.
Pretty Blue

The is also a courtyard, tea rooms, exhibitions and a shop which sells the produce from the garden. We bought a huge marrow which we had for dinner, it was lovely.

The only downside was that we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the house itself.

If you are ever around Sligo and the house is open do visit, it’s well worth it.

7 thoughts on “The Alpine Garden, Lissadell House

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    1. It was a lovely place, it’s mad for us to have lived here for so long, but never visited the house.
      We will go back again though….we’ll meet you there for a cuppa 😉

  1. Lissadell certainly is a lovely spot and they do indeed have an impressive number of potatoes on show. I’d love to go back and visit again as I didn’t get to see either the house or the alpine garden last time out.

    1. We didn’t try the cafe. I have to take mum so I’ll try it then.
      It was fairly expensive. 12 euro for an adult for the tour of the house and gardens.
      I think it was 6 euro just for the gardens.
      Free entry to the shop and tea rooms though.
      I boiled the marrow then made an onion sauce and poured it over the marrow and put it in the oven, it was lovely.

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