Howth Houses

Howth Houses, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

This photo was taken from last week. I took Jono for a day in Dublin. We’ve never been on the DART (which is a train that runs along the coast of Dublin). So we decided to explore.
We went to Howth first to see the National transport museum. It’s a fair old walk from the railway station and when we got there it was closed! Even though it was meant to be open. There were quite a group of people waiting to get in and one lady was phoning all the numbers on the sign but no luck.
It was disappointing especially after a 3 hour train trip from Sligo.
Anyway we wandered around Howth instead, it’s a very pretty fishing village. You would never think such a quiet place could be so near Dublin city centre. We saw rabbits, gulls, boats and even a seal. So although it was a shame about the museum Howth is lovely.

Then we got back on the DART and went to Malahide. Where we saw Malahide Castle. It’s a lovely building but it’s a shame there are only a few rooms open to the public. We had lunch there which was expensive but we were starving.
The castle is meant to be haunted, although we didn’t see any ghosts.

We also went to Fry model railway and Taras palace which are both on the museum grounds.
They were both great. The model railway is built in a big warehouse, it’s almost dark and parts of the railway light up as the commentry explains all about the trains, luas, ferry and parts of Ireland. We both really enjoyed it. The only downside was that you aren’t allowed to take photos.

Tara’s palace is a lovely little museum. Downstairs are all different toys from over the years. I liked the houses made out of sea shells.
Upstairs is a huge dolls house, it’s really magnificent. The guide was telling us all about it and the great thing about it all is that the admission money is used for childrens charitys. Again no photos were allowed, which I think is a real shame.

Anyway we headed back on the train to the city centre and walked around Trinity College. We saw Molly Malones statue and were looking for Phil Lynotts (from Thin Lizzy) who we finally found. We had a great day apart from the train being delayed on the way home so the journey back took almost 4 hours…..but at least we didn’t have the man opposite us that we had on the way going, who spent the entire journey sucking his teeth….not nice.

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  1. Howth is so great for walking – if you go back again, never mind the museum and follow the path around to the Head , it’s beautiful! Malahide is really cute too – haven’t been in the Castle yet though. Saving all that stuff for the winter:) Sorry your lunch was disapponting, but welcome to rip-off Dublin! Sounds like you had a pretty good day in the end in spite of everything:)

  2. Next time you do food in the area the pub under the Dart station at Howth does brilliant food, and probably some of the best seafood in Dublin (but shhhhhh don’t tell that to the expensive places)

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