Come on in, the doors open

Come on in, the doors open, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Lucy went back to school today, she thought she’d better go back as she has two weeks off for Easter. Jono doesn’t have school on a Friday and he’s still coughing so he was home.

I went to see mum, when I arrived the glass was smashed in the door…she’d locked herself out. So we had to whizz into town to the lovely people at Sligo Glass and get a new pane which mums neighbour fitted. We also called into the post office because the pension was in dad’s name, they took the book off mum and will send it off to whoever needs it, but it’s left mum with no money….so I’m not sure what happens now?

Lucy got on OK at school, she really missed her friends so was glad to be back. I had to go shopping this afternoon, we had run out of so many things. I really like Super Valu in Ballisodare, such friendly helpful staff, I had two fella’s packing my shopping for me and then one of them carried it out to the car, if only all supermarkets were like that.

When I got home Andy had shut the living room door…but it wouldn’t open. So he was stuck in the living room….which I thought was amusing. I was having to hand him screwdrivers through the window. We were both taking the handles off the door, him from the living room and me from the hall, but the lock had sort of seized up. In the end I had to throw myself at the door (I was like someone out of The Bill), but what I didn’t realise was that Andy was behind the door and I sent him flying….whoops.

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  1. Hi Val, Just wanted you to know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers the past week. I’m glad to see that Lucy is back in school with her friends. That will be good for her. And poor Jono, hope he gets better soon and the antibiotics kick in… Sounds like you’ve had quite a thing going with “doors” the past couple of days. I promise you that some day you’ll look back on all this and smile. My Dad was the world’s worst at visiting and “fixing” door knobs. He carried a screwdriver with him everywhere. Now, everytime I have a door knob that is a little out of joint, I think of him… and smile…
    Love to all,

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