My mind has boggled

I will be delighted to see the back of this day/week/month/year…..I’m starting to wonder what else is going to happen.

Dad is deteriorating. For some reason the hospital decided to put him on anti-depressants. I personally think it’s a bit too late for that. They are also going to get a palliative care nurse to get in touch with mum. I helped mum dress dad today, there really is nothing left of him and when I think about the man he was it’s very sad. He was just sitting on the chair in his vest and nappy falling asleep. He’s now in bed and not eating….not even smoking and he is a chain smoker….so we can only wait and see what happens.

Mum doesn’t seem to know what to do, although it really has been a long time coming.  It’s a times like this I wish we had a big family, it’s hard when it’s just mum and I.

Jono had an assessment at school today and has another one tomorrow to see if he can get help with his Junior Cert.

Sorry it’s a depressing post….it helps me to type about things.

6 thoughts on “My mind has boggled

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  1. oh no that sounds very difficult, here’s wishing every blessing to your family
    (and please NO more apologies for being distressed… thinking of you x)

  2. I am sorry you and your mum are going through such a hard time. It does feel good to type stuff, doesn’t it? I am putting you on my blogroll if I haven’t already done it.

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